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    Do you feel identified with any of these situations?

    • You have difficulty controlling your impulses
    • You find it difficult to understand and/or put yourself in your partner's shoes
    • You are constantly jealous
    • You have difficulty expressing and managing your emotions
    • You lose your temper in arguments and react violently
    • You feel you "swallow" in your relationships and then explode
    • You feel you have to change the way you relate to improve your personal relationships (family, friends, work,...)

    What can the Contexto Programme offer you?

    Experiences of programme participants:

     From the first sessions you realise that you are not the same when you argue, that you reason more, that the aggressiveness is less and less.

     Happiness, security and confidence in me. Seeing my partner happy by my side and not afraid of my reactions makes me the happiest person in the world.

     My family tells me that I don't react as I used to and that I think about how to solve my problems calmly, without avoiding them, being defensive or blaming my partner.

     I understand better how my partner behaved and felt. If I had reacted differently, things would be better now.

     When I get angry, I don't lose my temper, I calm down and think about what I have to do to achieve a positive goal for myself, my partner and my daughters. Now I see it differently and I am better.

     I have learned to trust my partner, to give her space. I have avoided misunderstandings and negative situations. I feel closer to her.

     I have managed to learn to say things in a softer way, with a different tone and different words, listening to the other person, and in this way I make myself better understood and avoid conflicts and violence.